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What people are saying about us

"We were looking for an excellent patent prosecution firm as the LED industry is a very patent mined industry globally. Getting a broad patent was crucial especially for getting seed or Series A funding. Through we were able to select the right patent prosecution attorney."

− Inventor in the US

"As a globally positioned venture capital fund, we look for sound IP-backed ventures as investment opportunities. Without strong patent protection for this bulb related invention we would have never considered investing. Thanks to, we received sufficient information to make an informed decision."

− Former CEO for Asia Pacific of a leading investment and current Managing Partner of a global venture capital fund

"I was approached by a large corporation wishing to cross-license my Japan and US patent portfolios. The terms of the proposed agreement were unfavourable to me. When I refused their offer, I was told they would sue me for patent infringement relating to a test sale of a previous invention, which had generated only a few thousand US dollars in revenues for me. Through I was able to get expert help and support to successfully fend off this corporation."

− Inventor from Japan

"I am an inventor with a product already on the market and the underlying patent granted. Through, I have connected with an international investment firm who can help me raise funds in SE Asia. Without this platform, I would not have had the opportunity to get an audience with a top-tier investment company or be connected to other potential investors."

− Inventor from Denmark

"By using, for our large patent portfolio we were introduced to multiple large corporations and also received firm offers for purchase of our IP. Through the platform, we also used the services of an international brokerage firm. "

− Inventor Group from Central Europe

"We are acting on behalf of a renowned research institution which gathered a substantial amount of genomic data for clinical research purposes. A sale of such a database required experts’ knowledge and a broader reach to potential interested parties. Through, we were able to reach out to a targeted number of potentially interested companies and even funds. "

− Agent for the owner of the genomic database