Bring your invention to market
We help individual inventors, companies, universities and other organizations bring their products to market by supporting them in developing multi-faceted strategies to meet their business enterprise and IP commercialization needs, including:
  • Identifying and selecting the most promising projects from an IP commercialization perspective
  • Supporting development of teams and processes to meet business goals
  • Identifying potential investors in Japan and overseas and supporting preparation of investor presentations / pitches
  • Managing international applications for trademarks, patents, and other IP rights
  • Managing patent and trademark portfolios
  • Brand strategy, advisory and commercialization

We have a successful track record in supporting companies and other entities to implement their business and intellectual property strategy.  Our in-house expertise and experience plus our substantial worldwide network of lawyers, patent attorneys, patent agents, subject matter experts and investors means we can offer unmatched expertise based on your specific market, technology and business goals.

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