Meet 3 new startups shaking up the space sharing industry

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With over a million unique listings in over 190 countries, Airbnb has well and truly disrupted the global market for rented accommodation. Here are three other startups looking to shake up the space sharing industry with their own unique offerings.

Spacemarket is a Japan-based online venue marketplace, that offers varied and unusual locations such as train carriages, temples, boats and cinemas for hire. You can filter venues by dates, budget, number of people and location using SpaceMarket’s handy app to find the perfect location for your meeting, party, wedding or other social gathering. Among its more unusual offerings are ancient temples and an uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay. A football pitch in the U.S. is one of a few venues on offer outside Japan.

Eichii is another Japan-based startup that helps students, freelancers, sales-people and other looking for temporary working spaces.  You can rent conference rooms, cafes, karaoke boxes or out of hours eateries for as little as an hour. One of the unique selling points is that you can search the Eichii smartphone app for available space in your locality for short-notice bookings — very handy for sudden meetings or projects. Frequent users can make savings by accumulating points for each booking they make.

US-based LandApart, applies the space sharing concept to outdoor spaces for camping and outdoor events. From backyards to working ranches to family-owned forests, LandApart works with landowners to make their outdoor space available for recreation. This helps offset the financial commitments landowners face while also connecting with people who are searching for unique outdoor experiences. LandApart also incorporates a social mission to facilitate landowner and adventurer relationships for a community that values and enjoys all that the outdoors has to offer.

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