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Are you a startup expert or litigation specialist? Do you have experience in spinning out an operating unit from within a corporate structure? Our new Groups feature means you can discuss innovation and intellectual property topics with a dedicated community of your peers.

Or, why not start your own group based around your own specialty?  Flexible group privacy options allow for open discussions with all members of our community, or complete privacy with a hand-picked participant group invited by you.

To join Groups, simply open a free professional user account and upload your professional profile. Professional users are also featured in our expert Directory.

New Open Groups

Startup Wiseguys: A place for legal, business, and financial experts to share news, ideas, documents, and best practices for guiding startup companies.

Litigation roundtable: A place for legal, business and technology professionals to share news, ideas and strategies concerning intellectual property litigation.

Spin-out Meister: Focuses on how to spin-out an operating unit from within a corporate structure. 

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