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IP Nexus explainer video


Have you got 90 seconds to spare? See our fun, new IP Nexus explainer video. IP Nexus makes finding expert advice and services easier and more accessible for startups, inventors, small businesses, researchers and others working with innovation and intellectual property.

From free Q&A to our global Directory of over 2000 lawyers, patent attorneys, business consultants and other experts you can find the right solution for your business and intellectual property. We can help whatever your business size, budget or sector. Simply sign up for a free account and post your question. You can also search our Directory for the expertise you need.

Interested in uploading or searching for patents and other IP? See another IP Nexus explainer video here  and find out all about our IP Exchange for the sale and license of intellectual property.

Need help or information for your venture or intellectual property? Post a question to our experts, or see our explainer video here.
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