IPEXC helping to build Asia IP trading hubs

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Asia IP trading hubs

IP trading is getting increasing attention in Asia and IPEXC’s expertise is being recognized by some of the major players in the region. Last week, Hong Kong officials, including Secretary of Commerce Gregory So and Andrew Liao of the Executive Council, invited IPEXC founder Hidero Niioka to attend the government’s briefing on its plans to promote Hong Kong’s development as an IP trading hub. This week, Niioka is in Singapore at the invitation of IP Intermediary, a non-profit public company founded as part of the Ministry of Trade and Technology’s Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2015 plan.

Hong Kong and Singapore are making major strides towards being major centers of IP trading in Asia, and have been consulting with private sector professionals on how to build the infrastructure and know-how needed to achieve this goal. IPEXC is excited about the opportunity of being part of these exciting developments in IP trading.

“Both cities understand that intellectual property itself is just a small part of IP trading,” said Niioka. “A successful market needs many different players, not just IP creators and buyers, but also support services such as legal and financial professionals as well as a thriving investor community. IPEXC has made a lot of progress in bringing these elements together, and we look forward to supporting the development of a thriving IP market in Asia.”

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