Sell your IP at
private auction


Do you want to monetize a portfolio of intellectual property assets?

IP Nexus Private Auction is the custom-tailored solution that helps you monetize the entire range of intellectual properties: patents, trademarks, copyrights, internet domains, genomic database, pharmaceutical marketing approvals and other IPs. Private auction offers you complete control over how and to whom you sell your IP assets. The intellectual properties submitted to IP Nexus for auction are carefully vetted by world class technical and financial experts to ensure that only the highest quality lots are on offer.

Why use private auction?

Private Auction offers you more control over how you sell IP while providing preferred buyers exclusive access to attractive IP portfolios. Strict confidentiality is provided through our secure system meaning that you can market and sell your IP discreetly and securely.

How does it work?

The IP owner or agent fills in a Private Auction request form. Once the IP is approved for auction, anonymous title information is provided on the IP Nexus website.

Premium members and other selected users of the IP Nexus website may view the title information and apply to receive an invitation and view further information.

The IP owner or agent approves applications to see further information, and may also send secure invitations to selected invitees of their own choosing.

Approved or invited parties sign an NDA and access a secure virtual data room to view legal, financial and other information relating to the IP (https secured).

Invitees confirm their interest via an online form. The seller reviews the list of buyers and confirms participation via a formal invitation to the physical auction.

Invitees confirm their attendance at the IP Nexus Private Auction and the physical auction takes place at the location and time confirmed with all participants.


Auction pricing is available upon enquiry. For a confidential consultation, please contact